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Many e-cig and vape users find that they enjoy modifying their e-cig set-ups with different or upgraded components to give them a tailored, unique vaping experience. Some box mods will make your e-cig or vape pen look substantially different (often larger), whilst others are designed to be more unobtrusive (mini-mods).

Almost every component of a e-cig kit can be modified. Powerful batteries are available, as are advanced controls with variable settings. Different coils and wickscan be had that affect the quality of your vapour directly, and some tanks or clearomizers offer airflow control. And that’s just the beginning!

These components are available individually, of course, but also as part of extensive mod kits. These are ideal if you want to experience the full range that a modded e-cig is capable of. Some of them are obvious – more battery capacity and a larger e-liquid capacity can increase the time between recharges and refills, which is particularly helpful for heavy users or those whose work or hobbies aren’t compatible with standard e-cigs.

Others are more subtle, such as a different coil or clearomizer might provide a slightly thicker or warmer vapour even at the same PG/VG ratio, or a different wick might change the amount of e-liquid consumed per drag. This can dramatically affect both the ‘cloud’ you produce and the intensity of the flavour!

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