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Combo Kits


Whether you’re an established vaper or e-cig enthusiast who wants to upgrade their setup, or someone who doesn’t want to settle for a basic ‘starter kit’, combo kits or Complete Vaping Kits are the answer!

A combo kit is essentially an ‘advanced’ starter kit. It contains everything you need to enjoy a personally tailored vaping experience, but with a better quality of build, and one that is much more mod and upgrade friendly. Most kits contain integrated, rechargeable batteries, and many include advanced features such as variable temperature control.

The first benefit is that these are entire kits that contain everything you need for an advanced vaping experience, all from the same manufacturer. Most heavily-modded vaping set-ups contain parts from many different companies, but sometimes this can result in compatibility problems. It can be nice to start with a well-integrated kit, and only change what you need.

Other vapers get into the hobby knowing that the tech will be an important part of the experience. They need a ‘starter kit’, but don’t need ‘training wheels’. Combo kits also appeal to many well-established vapers who come to the realisation that quite a bit of their current kit is showing its age all at once. It can be nice to replace everything at a high standard, and start modding again from there.

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