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If you’re ready to start modding your vaping pen, one of the best places to start is your coil. Most mid- to high-end e-cigs can accommodate a wide range of coil types, each of which can dramatically change your vaping experience.

The coil is the part of your e-cigarette or vape which heats up the e-liquid and converts it to a vapour. Most e-cig kits have replaceable coils, and there is a fairly universal ‘industry standard’, so that different brands of coils can be used with a single e-cig kit.

Coils all have an ‘ohm’ value, which refers to their electrical resistance. A standard coil of 2.8 to 2.4 ohms provide thinner cooler vapour. Coils of around 1.8 to 1.5 ohms are considered ‘midrange’, and ‘sub-ohm’ coils (0.9 ohms or less) generally provide the heaviest, warmest vaping experience. Never forget, though, that the VG/PG ratio of your e-liquid is also an important factor!

Coils are designed to be replaceable, and disposable. You’ll soon develop a sense for when your coil is beginning to show its age but, as a rule, heavy vapers should change their coils every week or so. Lighter users might go 2 weeks between coil changes, and occasional vapers might only need to change their coils every 3 weeks or even monthly.