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A vape tank is simply the part of your e-cig that holds the e-liquid. The term ‘tank’ can be misleading, as most hold only a few millilitres at a time. Most are clear – either glass or strong polycarbonate plastic – allowing you to see how much e-liquid you have remaining. Many have extra features, such as an airflow control, or are optimisation for sub-ohm coils.

Clearomizers combine the tank with the chamber which houses the wick and coil, where the e-liquid is converted to vapour. They are available in both disposable and rebuildable varieties. The advantage of the rebuildable type is that it can be retained, with only the coil or wick being replaced as needed.

If you enjoy getting ‘hands on’ with the tech, then one of the newer rebuildable clearomizers may be best. Other vapers prefer a high capacity tank, and both tanks and clearomizers of up to 3ml capacity are available from several manufacturers, and some have even higher capacities. If you are a fan of sub-ohm coils, you’ll probably want a clearomizer designed especially for the specialty coils and wicks you’ll be using.