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Vaping has emerged as a true contender to cigarette sales with many people using e-cigarettes to ditch the conventional habit. This stratospheric rise in popularity has seen the vaping market become very lucrative.

Thanks to its myriad options and the cultivation of a tight-knit community, vaping has successfully entered mainstream culture with a mostly positive public perception. Amongst other issues including heavier regulation, the widely known and publicised health risks of smoking have understandably done little to maintain its user base.

See below for an infographic that looks at both smoking and vaping across a variety of different criteria including profitability, industry trends and user cost to find out how they stack up against each other.

A Guide to the World’s Biggest Vaping Conventions

With over 20.8m vapers worldwide and counting, it’s not surprising that conventions have sprung up across the globe the bring the community together in a celebration of the activity. Tens of thousands of people descend on expo centres to sell, promote and partake in new technology and flavours displaying a passionate support for vaping. Couple this with live music and [...]

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The Importance of Fog in Film

Weather has been used for dramatic effect since fiction began, so much so that the term ‘pathetic fallacy’ is probably one of the main things you remember from your English Literature classes. Hands down, the most dramatic of all meteorological phenomenon is fog. It can be used to ratchet up tension, conceal terrifying creatures and even provide important characters with [...]

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