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Whilst a very advanced kit might contain everything you absolutely need to enjoy a good vape, a few extra add-ons could make all the difference. This might be in the form of a larger (or more attractive) carrying case, a lanyard, a few different charging plugs or cables, or even a simple case for disposable e-cigs. No matter what you might need to enhance your vaping experience, we have it here!

Even if you don’t include mods as accessories, our product list is long, including mouthpieces, spare battery cases and sleeves, carry cases, silicone vaping pen covers, tank repair kits, screwdrivers and tools, cartridge sleeves and caps, coil wrapping jigs, volt/ohm meters and a host of adaptors, all available from many excellent manufacturers.

If you prefer a simple, no-nonsense vaping experience, you might only need a carrying case or a car charger. If you really like to get involved in the modding aspect of vaping, you’ll need quite a bit more. The best advice we can give is to take a look at what we have available, and ask yourself what you would enjoy having. If it looks like fun, it’s probably a good choice.

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